Business Processes

Business performance measured by operational effiecency.

Business Processes

This is the one area where new and established businesses fail.  The implications of getting this wrong could be catastrophic on the business as either the costs are too high within the business or conversely the failure rate is high and therefore the business recieves a poor regulatory rating or struggles to win new business.

The business must have a clear strategy and business processes that support the operations, as a regulated business it must carry out the duties underpinned by comprehensive policies.

For a business to tender and win government contracts it is mandatory that all policies can be provided on request, they have been updated regularly and are compliant with legislation. In addition the business will have to be able to demonstrate through method statements how they deal with incidents or referrals and the processes underpinning the business.



How many policies should I have?

Obviously the number of policies will depend on the business and also how some are combined but typically most companies will have over 50.  When you consider the services you provide it is equally important that staff are aware of the policies and know what their responsibilities are as the correct policy will be written cognizance of legislation.

For a complete set of policies the starting price is £50.00 per policy depending on the number that need to be written.  In most cases your policies will need to be reviewed annually to ensure they reflect any legislative changes.

Quality Assurance

Part of delivering any service is the ability to demonstrate that you are aware of the policies which govern the business processes.  Having policies is great but ensuring that you follow them is required and not just on say so it must be evidenced.

We will work with the organisation to ensure that "form templates" are created for each process and that it demonstrates policy adherence and also has signed off tasks that audited by management. 

Quality is not a given it is via the actions of all. Assurance is the ability to evidence and demonstrate the actions of all are right to others. 


We have worked with many companies looking at the processes they have and redesigned to remove duplications, delays and unnecessary overheads, but ensuring checks and balances exist and stages are signed off.

For an established business we typically would map the AS-IS, propose a TO-BE and then get all to agree to the changes. All changes must have a purpose and all stages must be completed accurately ensuring that all key milestones are signed off.

For a new business we use our wealth of experience to develop process maps that are aligned to the business strategy and the operational model of the company.

Method Statements

Method statements are fundamental to any business and are designed to automate the engagement process with clients which protect all parties.  They ensure that care plans are referenced and updated but also through design provide the reference to events and also the actions carried out.  The method statement should identify risks and issues and mitigation through process.

It will always be recommended that method statements are used to tick and sign off work either as paper or electronic device.

Staff feel confident, method statements protect your business and provide logs for audit purposes.